Make your Nightlife Unforgettable in Dubai | PIPES SHISHA LOUNGE & CAFE

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Best Nightlife in Dubai:

Are you wondering where to spend your best nightlife in Dubai that you will definitely enjoy? Nightlife is common to us. This is one of the ways to enjoy our lives while we can. There was a saying that enjoy your life to the fullest while you can. So, one of our ways is to every night.


Pipes Shisha Lounge & Cafe is one of the Cafes here in Dubai where you can enjoy everything, from the foods, drinks, cafe interior design, their board games and mostly their lively music.


The cafe is designed with a spooky and punk atmosphere. That the ages from 18-30 years old will surely love the place. They have amazing arts with their walls that makes them unique and stylish. The cafe has a huge fish tank that adds in the superb surroundings and a Neon color for the lighting perfect to enjoy your night out.


Pipes Shisha Lounge & Cafe has amazing features that you will surely love.


Let’s talk about their awesome board games. Not every cafe here in Dubai has this to offer.

This board game is nice to play with your family, even your friends. This will give you nice bonding with them and enjoy the same time. This way it can make you lighten your mood and can be one of the best nightlife in Dubai.


Have you heard about their amazing art display in their wall? Do you enjoy posting on social media with a nice background? The cafe will not disappoint you with their stunning and unique arts. They have this big fish tank installed in their wall with their extraordinary arts. They even hired a professional artist to make this kind of design. A never before aesthetic in Dubai you will love. This place is really cool with a unique ambiance.


The cafe furniture is so elegant that matches the interior design. They are comfortable to sit in. It adds in the sophisticated atmosphere of the cafe. It gives you a relaxing feeling while you play your board games with your family and friends. They have a big LCD that gives live sports screening that guys enjoy. This is one of the best features of the lounge to experience the best nightlife in Dubai.


We are down with the tasty food they can offer on their menu. The cafe breakfast wraps are amazing and the taste is mouth-watering.  Their burgers are so amazing you will love every bite of it. Their pizza is different from every pizza shop here in Dubai, it is well cooked by their chef that even the pizza crust that ends up always in the trash can, you’ll savour. They have a lot of selection when it comes with the flavors. Pipes truffle pizza is their signature flavor that you will definitely love. The cafe has a variety of snacks you can try for your starter food. Their chicken skewers are so flavorful that whenever you taste every bit of it gives you a different kind of flavor. They also offer different kinds of salad if you only want light foods to take in.


The cafe has their selection of desserts you would want to taste. From Lotus brownies that were made of baked brownies and ice cream on top. Monster cookie that is made of chewy chocolate chip cookie sandwich drizzled with chocolates and sprinkles served with black organic ice cream. Freshly made fruity waffle, drizzled with Nutella cream topped with refreshing berries served with organic black ice cream. Their red velvet waffles provide a delicious new twist to the traditional waffle. A moist, light and fluffy waffle drizzled with quelea and chocolate syrup topped with fresh strawberries and blueberries and of course served with an organic black ice cream. And their signature dessert which is the organic black ice cream with sprinkles served in a custom-made black cone.


Their drinks are the most amazing feature of the cafe and this is the main reason to have your best nightlife in Dubai. Prepared by a professional barista. They have different kinds of mojito, cocktails and tea. They even have hot drinks, ice teas, fresh juices, frappes, milkshakes, smoothies, hot coffee and cold coffee.


The cafe plays dope music you can enjoy while chilling with your friends and playing with them with the board games offered by the cafe. At this moment you will experience the unforgettable and best nightlife in Dubai.


They have ladies night every Tuesday and Sunday that ladies will enjoy.


Just visiting the cafe will make your stress away from work. From the designs, board games to foods and drinks. Spending your weekend here will give you satisfaction and fulfillment because you have experienced the best nightlife in Dubai in this cafe.


They are located at Shop 8 Al Wadi Building Sheikh Zayed Road Al Wasl, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Opened from 11:00 AM till 1:00 AM.


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