Eat at the Best Restaurant Cafe in Dubai

Restaurants | by Elena de Leon

Looking for a perfect Restaurant Cafe experience in Dubai with delicious and tasty food. A perfect place that gives a nice and cozy ambiance for your friends and family. These are some of the places you can visit without getting disappointed in the end.

  1. Malang Lounge Restaurant & Cafe

A unique, tantalizing journey experienced through the taste of the authentic Malang cuisine. They will intrigue your taste buds with authentic Pakistani cuisine. Using the best spices derived from the center of Pakistan, their dishes transport you back to food memories you embrace to your heart. Malang Lounge Restaurant & Cafe where a good quality combines with tasty flavor.

The Malang Menu entails a selection of dishes that include Fried Lahore Fish, Malai Tikka, Butter Chicken, Daal Tadka, Biryani, Qandari Naan, Shahi Tukhra and Doodh Jalebi. The countless options on their menu have the power to melt the hearts of all their guests. Indulge yourself within the Malang experience.

Apart from their menu, the restaurant has a nice and warm ambiance combined with good quality furniture that will make you feel at home whenever you visit them. Their service is one of a kind. They will serve you as fast as they can.

Visit the cafe at Ground Floor, Al Manara Tower, Business Bay, Dubai, UAE. What is good about them is that they are open 24/7.

  1. Azar Restaurant & Cafe

Azar Restaurant & Cafe is a casual dining located at Business Bay. They have a very cosy ambiance that you will feel relaxed whenever you visit them. Apart from that they serve delicious International Cuisine prepared by their amazing chef. It is like a hidden gem situated in Business Bay. 

It is a perfect place to visit if you want to bond with your family or friends. As it is only located in Business Bay, you can even visit them during your lunch break from work if you are just near the location. They serve international, italian, arabic and lebanese cuisine. They offer the delicious grill foods which they specialize with.

Azar Restaurant & Cafe has a selection of soups, salad, appetizers, sandwiches, grill food, main course, sizzling corner, italian corner and desserts and they offer all of this at a very reasonable price.

They are situated at Building No. 10, Marasi Drive ,Bay Square, Business Bay, Dubai, UAE. They are open from 11:00 AM till 2:00 AM.

  1. Ayoush Restaurant & Cafe

Taste the world favorites at Ayoush – plated in a perfection and creatively displayed. Ayoush is a hidden gem in the heart of Dubai. It is a casual dining that serves Arabian and Middle eastern cuisine. Expect well-known dishes like biryanis, pastas and sandwiches along with Arabian delicacies like grills, manakeesh, shawarmas and more. They have a good ambiance and a good quality unique style.

Ayoush is one of the perfect places to visit because of the amazing plating of their dishes. It is the best way to experience a restaurant cafe. Their dishes are not expensive but everything is tasty and delicious - it is like eating in a well-known restaurant with a higher price. 

They are located at Ground Level, City Tower 1-2, Near Crowne Plaza Hotel, Sheikh Zayed Road, Trade Centre Area, Dubai, UAE. Open 24/7.

  1. The Kana Cafe

It is a restaurant cafe that has two branches, one in Motor City and one is situated in Business Bay. 

The Kana Café that is located in business bay offers you an exquisite atmosphere with elegance. The place where you'll relax along with your friends and family. The view was fantastic and relaxing. In their outside seating you will be able to see an awesome view of the Dubai Canal walk. The restaurant cafe is extremely homey and you will not feel that you were actually outside your house. If your office is situated in Business bay, you can visit them and have your lunch together with your colleagues to unwind and relieve your stress from work.

The Kana Café could also be a spot where you'll experience food from every country while trying their dishes & fresh juices. Here you'll enjoy their Arabic food where they specialize with. If you are not a devotee of Arabic food, you still have to choose from different cuisines, they're offering They even have food for kids if you're going to bring your whole Family. The Kana Café's steaks are superb and really cheap. You'll definitely enjoy the food and scenery without paying more.

The restaurant cafe is located at Ground Floor, Fifty One Tower, Business Bay, Ibraj - Rd, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. They are open from 9:00 AM till 3:00 AM. Appreciate their live music, free wifi, free parking and TV streaming.

  1. Keif Restaurant

Keif restaurant is a restaurant cafe featuring exquisite, stylish, modern decoration and terrace. It's where elegance and coziness are combined together.

The restaurant in business bay is found directly beside the Dubai water canal. Their outdoor seating is extremely huge where you'll feel relaxed with the view of the Dubai water canal. You'll feel comfortable whenever you're dining with them because it gives you a homey ambiance. Be Captivated by their extraordinary view while you dine together with your friends and family. 

The restaurant specialized in traditional Lebanese cuisine together with Italian and International Cuisine; Their dishes are both traditional and innovative. They have a selection of starters, salads, platters where you can share this with someone as the serving is good for 2 -3 people. They also offer international sandwiches, pasta, lebanese sandwiches from the grill, cold and hot mezza, grilled dishes, dessert and daily dishes from Sunday to Thursday. Their dishes are all delicious and mouth-watering at a very affordable price. 

Keif Restaurant is situated at Blue Bay Tower - G - Marasi Dr, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. They are open from 11:00 AM till 1:00 AM.

Visiting and having a perfect restaurant cafe experience is one of our goals whenever we visit one - being satisfied with the food and service without expending much is also one of our intentions whenever we want to eat outside with our friends and family. Aside from that, we are still in a foreign country and it is our aim to save money for our future but we are still enjoying our lives. 


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